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A Lead
Generation Platform Unlike
Any Other

The GO Platform by CIENCE is designed to help our
clients achieve their business growth objectives.

Our team has developed 7 software modules that work
seamlessly together, providing specialized functionality
and interoperability all in one place.

With the GO Platform, our clients can supercharge their
lead generation efforts and unlock new opportunities
for business growth.

Lead Gen Software

CIENCE GO Platform provides everything sales & marketing teams need for sales
intelligence (lead data and intent), prospect awareness (ads), web chat, booking sales
meetings onto ANY calendar, and data integration + routing.
hero-img go data

GO Data

A broad, accurate, and
easy-to-use prospect database

Data forms the backbone of CIENCE value. We offer the ability to create any sized Total Addressable Market (TAM) and then create lead lists of your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP) for download or use within the platform.

We provide the correct Companies and Contacts. Leads are sourced, campaign-validated, and offer the quality assurance (accuracy) that matters in effective outreach.


GO Intent

Target In-Market Buyers

Intent data is information about what prospects are interested in, based on their online behavior. It's like having a crystal ball that can help companies predict which topics are generating interest.

By analyzing website pages and the content on them, then cross-referencing company data with our identity graph, CIENCE provides potential in-market buyer information.


GO Digital

Ads: Reach + Raise Awareness

Use CIENCE GO Digital -- our own DSP -- to pinpoint target your exact audience with display, video, or audio advertising.

CPM model, Bidder-as-a-Service makes GO Digital the top choice for effectively raising awareness and creating clicks to your website!


GO Show

Reveal Anonymous Web Visitors

CallerID for the web! CIENCE GO Show offers the ability to see who is visiting your website -- both Company and even Contact info.

Once revealed, take action to follow-up with those prospects that match your Ideal Customer Profile!

GO Chat

GO Chat

AI Chatbot + Human Chat

Engage your web visitors like never before... CIENCE GO Chat offers a robust conversational marketing tool for all your web visitors 24/7/365.

Blend in the human touch with our agents for the ultimate in making a great first impression for prospects on your website.

GO Schedule - Img 1x

GO Schedule

Automatically Book Appointments

Book appointments (or meetings or events) easily. Then see all sales appointments in a single dashboard — across your entire team.

CIENCE GO Schedule also enables provides round-robin and 30+ integration options.

Go Flow

GO Flow

Event Data Capture + Transfer

Marketers -- Maximize your data-driven decision making by capturing every event on your website, then moving that data to any system of record (Data Warehouse, CRM, Marketing Automation, etc).

Revolutionary insights ahead!

By the numbers


Software Titles

The CIENCE GO Platform offers a variety of components designed to enhance your business growth. These include GO Data, GO Intent, GO Show for sales lead data; GO Chat, GO Schedule, GO Flow for website data; GO Engage for sequences; GO Digital for display and CTV advertising, GO AI suite for AI-powered prospecting. 



The CIENCE GO Platform enables your business to be best-in-class prospect-ready. 

Each component is designed to deliver demand and lead generation value.

The software can also integrate seamlessly with your existing tech stack.


More Pipeline

Results we've seen implementing the CIENCE GO Platform. See for yourself!

CIENCE uses it's own purpose-built software stack to drive the right leads, at the right time, with the right messages so that we can effectively grow your sales pipeline. We offer our complete software suite or done-for-you services along these lines. 

Bottom Line

The CIENCE GO Platform stands out from other lead generation software in the market.
Specifically designed to deliver an increased pipeline, CIENCE offers a comprehensive suite
of software and services that empower businesses to achieve exceptional growth.

Start Now!


Does CIENCE use GO Platform as part of it's services?
Does GO Platform integrate with my current tech stack?
Can I buy the GO Platform software individually?
Can I see web visitors while on site?
Can I use the scheduler with my current forms?
Can meetings be custom events?
Do I need to staff GO Chat 24/7?
Does CIENCE use GO Platform as part of it's services?
Yes! Any/every SDR Team has access to the GO Platform functionality and our various packages make it easy to decide which to buy for your team(s).
Does GO Platform integrate with my current tech stack?
In most cases, YES! Hundreds of integrations are possible between GO Platform and tools you may already be using.
Can I buy the GO Platform software individually?
In some cases, yes. Our sales team has a variety of packages to suit almost all business cases.
Can I see web visitors while on site?
Yes! You have the ability to match and reveal people that were formerly anonymous. Match rates vary depending on type of prospect!
Can I use the scheduler with my current forms?
Yes! You can add a meeting scheduling option right after the form fill. Use our handy templates.
Can meetings be custom events?
Yes! You have the ability to set meeting length, attendance parameters, and calendar/location options for any type of booking.
Do I need to staff GO Chat 24/7?
Up to you -- we have options to add CIENCE people for Chat and lead follow-up via Website Visitor Identification.