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GO Intent #1

Ever Wonder Which Contacts You Should Be Reaching Out To?

Wonder no more! CIENCE GO Intent takes the guesswork out of targeting. In doing so, we increase your ability to prospect the right people, at the right time — while they are in their buying windows.

Precision Intent: Beyond Generic Topic Clusters

CIENCE GO Intent redefines the boundaries of intent marketing. Unlike standard solutions that pool all in-market buyers into broad topic categories, we dive deeper with our sophisticated natural language processing engine, scanning the vastness of the public web.

Beyond the expansive 10,000 topics we offer, we're proud to introduce the industry's pioneering keyword intent search solution. Envision this as your tailored SEO or PPC target, but exclusively for intent signals.

Leverage your top-performing keywords from SEO and PPC campaigns to pinpoint In-Market Buyers, providing you an unparalleled, granular insight into buyer intentions based on real-time content engagement and search behaviors.

  • Breakthrough keyword intent search
  • Traditional 10,000 intent topics
  • 10 billion monthly signals
  • Lead search & PPC mapping
  • Page-level heuristics
  • Advanced click-tracking (AI)
  • Unlimited Topics & Keywords

Data Into Deals!


Intent to ICP Match for Immediate Impact

Pairing intent signals with your Ideal Customer Profile radically refines whom to engage immediately.

Sales teams equipped with CIENCE GO Intent experience transformation. They target and engage in-market-buyers that match their ICP, securing more meetings that lead to streamlined sales cycles and heightened close rates. 

This real-time insight into buyer intent equips sales professionals to approach prospects with confidence, knowing their efforts are concentrated on the most promising leads. The result is a more proactive and impactful sales process, primed for success.

GO Intent #3

Elevate Your Marketing Precision

Uncover the transformative power of Intent Data for both ABM and traditional marketing campaigns: timely intent-driven targeting of the ideal prospect.

For those championing ABM campaigns, integrating Intent Data ensures you're always in sync with your Key Accounts. Align your marketing strategies perfectly with moments when your ICP is actively seeking your solutions.

Experience a transformative uplift in your campaigns by zeroing in on an Intent-driven audience. Expect heightened click-through rates, finely-tuned messaging, and campaigns that consistently hit the mark.

How it work

How It Works

Harnessing Advanced NLP for Unrivaled Intent Insight

At CIENCE, our in-house team of NLP specialists has meticulously curated an expansive parsing of intent topics from the vast expanse of the global web. But we didn't stop at just traditional topic-based intent. Venturing beyond the conventional, our innovative approach incorporates PPC-like keyword intent search, leveraging advanced machine learning and AI.

This allows for ultra-targeted identification of prospects, making our intent data genuinely exceptional. Our unmatched Intent Graph's reliability stems from the unparalleled match rates we accomplish across identities (devices + cookies). The result? High-priority, actionable lists delivered to our clientele daily. Infuse your marketing and sales strategies with our groundbreaking technology and observe a transformative uptick in your outcomes!