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Target B2B Audiences

Amplify your pipeline by tapping into refined audiences drawn from your CRM insights, website analytics, and over 100 key firmographic, technographic, and employee criteria.

Marketers Meet Your New Secret Weapon!

  • Precisely target individual business users
  • 100+ B2B filters like title, industry, company size and more
  • Detailed analytics and reporting



Personalize Ads
to Your Ideal Customers!

Watch engagement increase with better targeting (higher CTR's).

All your campaigns can be designed for specific personas. Lots of options for managing ads, and
industry-leading data accuracy.

Better targeting = Better results!

Accurate Ad Management Services 

Our ad management solution enables sophisticated marketers access to a highly customizable ad campaigns that fit your goals (combine with Outbound for results!)

No complexity. We manage everything and make deployments easy. Design creative available too!

Unlock Your New Solution
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Add GO Show to your Ads Management for Tracking and Remarketing

Visual ID for the Web is here!

Deploy the CIENCE tracking pixel and take your ads, remarketing/retargeting, and follow-up to the next
level. It’s turnkey — all within the same ads management tool.


What is ad management?
How does an advertising management system work?
Why GO Digital?
How is GO Digital different from Google Ads or Facebook Ads?
Can my team or agency make updates directly in the ads management tool?
What is ad management?

Ad management describes the entire ecosystem used to create, target, monitor, refine, and report on your ads and their performance in the marketplace. For instance, you use ad management software to define the characteristics of the audience you want your ads shown to.

How does an advertising management system work?

Unique among Demand Side Platforms (DSP), CIENCE GO Digital offers a system that allows buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage both ad exchange and data exchange accounts. Real-time bidding for online advertising (Display, Video, Audio) takes place within the ad exchanges, and by utilizing the CIENCE GO Digital DSP, marketers can manage their CPM (Cost Per Mille) bidding.

Why GO Digital?

GO Digital broadens the concept of ad management software beyond just the ads themselves. By combining a rich data set (GO Data) and tracking pixels (GO Show) for targeting, as well as the ability to layer in traditional sales development (GO Outbound) and a wide range of other complementary technologies, you can greatly increase the effectiveness of your ad spend.GO Digital helps take ad campaign management software to a whole new level.

How is GO Digital different from Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

Google and Facebook Ads are the gold standard for B2C ad management software. When you need to target B2B prospects, the effectiveness of those advertising platforms begins to break down. Neither ad management platform has made it a core part of their business model to tie personal, professional, company, industry, and other categories of information together. So when you need to reach people with specific job titles, at a specific seniority level, working at companies in a specific list of industries, based within specific geographic boundaries, Google and Facebook might not be the best place to start with information readily available in their ad management platforms for that kind of targeting.

Can my team or agency make updates directly in the ads management tool?

Due to the complexity of the platform, and all the add-in customizations that are available, at this time we offer done-for-you services to ensure that each client gets maximum ROAS from their investment. So you and your team can spend time closing deals, not managing ads.