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Doing the Hard Work
Unlike other parts of the sales process, the monotonous work of finding, then reaching out to new leads (and dealing with constant rejection) are the least enjoyable parts of the sales cycle for most salespeople. We live to prospect.
Quota Attainment
We’re starting sales conversations daily, and no leads make it onto your sales team’s calendar without approval. This correlates to full pipelines and quotas actually attained.
Opportunity Creation
Investing in Outbound is the fastest, most direct path to market. Qualified meetings are the goal of deploying CIENCE. Handing off those meetings to sales team members then allows them to focus solely on calibration, negotiations, and closing sales.
Sales Ops + Forecast Effectiveness
We aim to build a consistent approach resulting in a repeatable formula with our trained specialists. This means we offer the ability for you to manage new business forecasts across accomplished Tasks, Activities, and Operations.

Learn more about the CIENCE 10-day Go-to-Market* Workshop:

Learn more about the CIENCE 10-Day Go-to-Market Workshop, as businesses will need to move fast to capture the opportunity. Learn how CIENCE can deploy fully-trained teams to create sales opportunity for your company with our proven methodologies.

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"They provide quality feedback that you don’t typically receive from an outsourcing partner."
Chris Barnett
Founder & President at Barnett Strategies
“CIENCE’s approach to lead generation reliably yields scheduled appointments and easily managed sales data. They’re committed to reliable research and delivering results.”
Chris Barnett
Founder & President at Barnett Strategies


I deliver curated, highly-targeted and (most important!) accurate lead lists to my clients, daily.

I’m familiar with Account-Based Marketing or pure demographic targeting of individual prospects. I always focus on the ICP (Ideal Customer Profiles) to ensure only the right leads are found.

My team of Lead Researchers identifies the decision makers at your target accounts. We have the ability to sift through a wide variety unique attributes for each prospect for deeper personalization or qualification in your outreach phase. We also validate your existing leads and enrich them with unique data attributes.



I practice methodical outreach to set qualified appointments for you.

I’m skilled at delivering highly personalized emails and outbound phone calls to your prospects. I also test and continually optimize my approach on your behalf to win more meetings.

My team is scalable– we can expand as demand dictates. We’re your partner, seamlessly acting as an arm of your organization. We provide you visibility of progress with regular reports from our Cience Platform.

We also compile detailed notes that your internal Account Executives and Sales Managers need at critical sales handoff points.

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