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Inbound SDR Services
Qualified meetings are the goal of deploying CIENCE and responsive times matter for interested prospects. We provide human qualification + sales assistance in a scalable way. All activities are geared to creating new opportunities, and we aim to build consistency of approach into a repeatable formula, offering the ability to manage forecasts and growth.
Logos You Need to Win
We start sales conversations with your must-win logos. With CIENCE, you are not handing over leads the sales team rejects out of hand. Your credibility of delivering the goods when it comes to Sales Qualified Leads is bona fide.
Targeted Lead Gen
Investing in Outbound services is the fastest, most direct path to market. Unlike virtually all other marketing and ad spend (comparing SEO, Content Marketing, Display Ads, Public Relations, Retargeting, Social Media Marketing, Print/Radio/TV spend). Account-Based prospecting is measured in weeks, not months (nor years).
Smart Growth
You won't get bogged down figuring out the in's and out's of lead list buying, recruiting, hiring, staffing, and managing lead gen roles. We know data, research, and outreach are hard… Full of monotonous work, then rejection after rejection. In-house employees (SDR’s, Sales Researchers, Sales Ops) burn-out quickly and have short tenures— all on your dime. This is an area to consider outsourcing shines. We know data, research, and outreach are hard, that's why outsourcing is a solution of choice for companies looking for dramatic growth.

Learn more about the CIENCE 10-day Go-to-Market* Workshop:

Learn more about the CIENCE 10-Day Go-to-Market Workshop, as businesses will need to move fast to capture the opportunity. Learn how CIENCE can deploy fully-trained teams to create sales opportunity for your company with our proven methodologies.

Scedule My 1-on-1 Workshop

“CIENCE’s approach to lead generation reliably yields scheduled appointments and easily managed sales data. They’re committed to reliable research and delivering results.”
Chris Barnett
Founder & President at Barnett Strategies
"CIENCE was very effective at making the initial introductions of both our concept and some of the details of our services and got us an audience with many people in our target audience."
CEO, Healthcare Services Co.
"The Perfect Mercenary SDR and Research Team for Time/Resource-Constrained Sales and Marketing Departments"
Head Of Business Development, IT Services Co.
Director of Data Service Delivery Ops
& Customer Success

Natalie German

I’m trained in the best research tech in the b2b galaxy and have honed my skills to curate contact data into prospects that are pre-qualified before any cold calling occurs. The more accurate the data, the more effective your telemarketing campaign is - and the more appointments your sales team gets on their calendars.

In addition to the 22+ standard contact data sets, I have expertise in sorting through intent data, enriching contacts, finding Decision Makers who’ve switched companies recently, get hard-to-find technological data like CRMs used, and more.

I’ve completed external certification programs from companies like Salesforce and Hubspot to provide you administrative and sales research excellence.

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