This is a collection of terms that we use to describe our work every day. You’ll hear these
everywhere from our blog posts to discovery calls and throughout working with us. To make
sure everyone’s on the same page, we’re releasing this glossary that goes beyond just
definitions, but attempts to educate and edify its reader. We hope you find it useful.

Lead Generation
Lead generation is the first stage of a sales process that helps identify and engage with potential customers and pass it to a sales team.
Marketing is a business process that helps win buyers and deliver services better. It also builds and supports a company’s image and reputation.
Sales is a multi-stage business process of identifying, engaging, interacting and winning new customers as well as sell more to the old ones.
Email Campaigns
Email Campaigns are a lead generation tactic that helps a company actively engage with potential clients via email.
Cold Calling
Cold Calling is a reliable, time-tested lead generation method.